Setup Guide

Add Nebula to your server

Before starting, invite Nebula to your server if you haven't already. Click here to invite the bot.

Make sure Nebula has basic permissions to read and send messages when adding the bot.

Create channel

Create a channel with "nebula-ai" somewhere in the name. You can use any channel name formatting system you'd like, as long as it contains "nebula-ai" somewhere in the name.

Add permissions for Nebula to speak in the channel if they don't already exist. Send a test message, if there is no response in the channel from Nebula, please check the permissions or read our Troubleshooting Guide.

Useful tips

• Add a channel topic explaining how to use the bot.

• Disable threads entirely for the channel as Nebula is not *yet* compatable with threads.

• Organise the channel in the same category as chat channels to increase use of the bot within your server.